For Immediate Release: EcoNOOZ, the Global Gazette, Features the Gnome Garden


January 12th, 2018  


A mystical, fun loving Gnome Garden is the newest subject tackled by award winning photographer and producer Dee Finning of Ventura, California and award winning writer and producer Linda Lou Crosby of Ingomar, Montana. In their EcoNOOZ web video series, these ladies cover special things everyday people are doing to spruce up the planet. The web series is called ©EcoNOOZ, The Global Gazette. “It features stories that pique our interest,” offered Finning, “stories that we can identify with and share.


Finning has traveled the world with her videography and photography, and is finding more and more interesting subjects right at home.

EcoNOOZ also features the many talents of Ventura animator, Andy Atkins.  “He added whimsy to our title with his special logo.”


Keep your eye on the EcoNOOZ tab at (Dee’s company) and (Crosby’s website for her whimsical book “Adventures with Ragweed.) ” Looking for these neat stories is a lot of fun,” added Crosby.

Finning and Crosby have worked together for 20 years on projects ranging from transforming garbage into ash, to “Eyes on Africa” – a story of one woman who brought eye glasses to Africa with her charity, to a video on the newest predictive weather models.

“We are friends, who have had many exciting adventures with our projects and wanted to do something fun and wonderful that could make a difference,” said Finning.


“From straw bale houses to winter projects that can lighten your attitude; from winter tea time to hugul pot gardening, we are looking for what You are doing in your own way to create cool things for our planet,” says Crosby.  


What’s next? “I want to learn how to make a solar oven,” mused Crosby. “in the Spring…” “And I want to learn more about good bugs,” emphasized Finning.

Whatever the next adventure brings, it will be interesting, fun, informative, and a perfect fit for ‘EcoNOOZ, The Global Gazette’.



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