Cathy’s Garden

The following was submitted by my friend Cathy from Missouri, who a couple of years ago filled in her pool….the rest is herstory!

I just thought I would share some garden news! Still learning and experimenting, but into the 4th year things are beginning to take shape! You could never tell a swimming pool once dominated our landscape! We took out six cedars to offer better light into the space. One new challenge this year! The raccoons ate my strawberries!
Dwarf fruit trees haven’t matured enough to really put on fruit yet, but they are coming. Grapes are finally going up the arbor. Red and sweet potatoes are in the big beds. Cucumbers yet to be planted!  Soft pots are great with tomatoes, beets, turnips, peppers, and watermelon. English peas are growing up the pea arbor. The knockout rose hedge is really beginning to take shape, and the swamp milkweed are beautiful this year. We’ve had enough lettuce and spinach to turn us green this year. Lavender is in full bloom, and onions are nicely producing.
Eight varieties of blueberries coming. Tried honey berries this year, and the raspberry is taking off. The berry plants will need to mature a couple of more years before they really produce. And the crêpe myrtles happily came back this year! My neighbor Tracee and her husband John who is a landscaper have been tremendous help! And we have planted, pruned and weeded everything by the Almanac now. Great fun! It is beautiful here in central Missouri, and we are so very blessed!
Cathy's-Garden-Spring-2016-beds-and-pergola    Cathy's-Garden-Spring-2016-bench-and-beds