“Adventures with Ragweed” Summer Garden Contest Winners Announced!

Cheryl Heser of Forsyth , Montana wins “Adventures with Ragweed ” Garden Contest!

We had a lot of very nice entries, but Cheryl’s really stood out as she carefully plotted her idea, AND included the costs. She chose a copy of “Adventures with Ragweed” and a packet of seeds as her first prize. Congratulations Cheryl!

Cheryl Heser’s idea: “Start with a fairly good-sized buffalo berry bush (love gumbo, love eastern Montana, are very colorful and quick growing) just left of center. Surround the tree with blanket flowers (gaillardia) and Montana blue flax from seed (both indigenous, fine with gumbo as long as they have some planting soil to start in). To the right  front of the tree add a wrought iron flat sculpted buffalo with a colorful glued-on small horse blanket in colors to complement the red buffalo berries, blue flax, and gold and brown blanket flowers  The buffalo and blanket complement the buffalo berry bush and blanket flowers theme.

Cost? $20 buffalo berry bush, unless you get a rancher to dig you up one. (They are not hard to transplant).  $4-$5 for a packet of seeds for flax and gaillardia. $15-$20 for a modest-sized flat wrought iron buffalo, and a usable piece of a worn out woven horse blanket should be free.”

Bob Peterman of Wibaux, Montana won a special first place humor award for his idea (and you can see why):

“I would maker this suggestion to try as a solution for your gardening problem. Build a narrow chute or pen that is just the right size for the milk cow. Position it so that her rear end is directly over the desired spot. Then take the cow there morning and evening to take care of the milking chore but feed and water her there and leave her tied for two hours each time. by the time the cow dries up you will be able to grow something there or it will be sterile and you can move to another spot and start over if your cow gets bred back and starts milking again.” Bob has not mentioned his choice for his prize yet. He might be out milking his cow…

Now, I just need to get a milk cow…

Honorable mention and a packet of seed goes to Tracey Kelley of Michigan and Liza Vladyaka of Maine. Thank you to everybody for your entries!Garden contest winners imagery